Futur sucks

Futur sucks
What it used to be before our cellular lives

dimanche 29 novembre 2015

Gucci, goodie, goobie, good bye.

I was thinking about wearing this to go to Paris one day.

Je pensais porter ça à Paris un jour.

Pretending to be walking.

Zara skirt and shoes, mom's sweater from esprit I guess, thrifted belt and Monoprix beret (the hat's French name). Mainline NY lipstick.

Hope you've done something interesting today or the day before or will do the day after,

dimanche 22 novembre 2015

Céline, c'est long d'attendre tu sais.

I was really excited about getting that make up done and wanted to keep it all day long but ended up putting it off because it was sinking thanks to the 30°C outside. So here's like, inspiration and yes my hair seem quite long on that one, but because I'm writing this in August and you'll only be reading it in November, well maybe it will have changed -like a bob or a pixie or blue or violet or I don't know-.

Donc j'étais vraiment excitée à l'idée de me maquiller de cette façons et j'ai voulu le garder toute la journée mais pas possible, principalement à cause des 30°C ambiants.
Voici donc, l'inspiration et oui, mes cheveux ont l'air vraiment longs, mais comme j'écris ceci en août et que vous ne le lirez pas avant novembre, ça aura peut-être changer, peut-être seront-ils au carré, en garçonne, verts, bleus, violets... Qui sait?-

Thrifted low turtle neck, New Yorker coat and vintage earrings. Chanel eyeshadow.
Vintage trench and faux-fur.

Hope you like gorillas,

dimanche 15 novembre 2015

Marni and me.

This was the most awkward thing to shoot, laying on the floor in my underwear with a shirt I was sweating in and my sinking make up. Anyway it was funny and completely not the way I hoped it would be, but maybe you'll like it.

Ces photos étaient les plus embarrassantes à prendre, allongée sur le sol en culotte avec une chemise dans laquelle je transpirais et mon maquillage qui coulait. Mais bon c'était rigolo et absolument pas le résultat attendu mais j'espère que ça vous plaira.

Thrifted shirt, vintage earrings, Chanel eyeshadow.

Hope your friend has a name and a ukulele,

lundi 9 novembre 2015

Radio was on but my brain went off.

I'm flying like a bird when the sun comes in.

All is known or have been talked about before.

Hope you're doing the way you like to do,

dimanche 8 novembre 2015


That's probably my favorite outfit of all. And for once the dress is not too big so I can wear it without feeling like I've stolen my mom's favorite pregnancy dress. It's quite cool. Thanks sweater.

C'est probablement ma tenue préférée. ET pour une fois, la robe n'était pas trop grande et ne me faisait pas me sentir comme la voleuse de la robe de grossesse préférée de ma mère. C'est plutôt sympa. Merci pull.

Superman powa 
Vintage dress and shoes, mom's sweater from Espirt I suppose, H&M socks.
Maybelline NY lipstick.

Hope you're not too tired to travel,

lundi 2 novembre 2015

"Don't forget the "old lady" part sweetie."

My dad said "You look like a cool english old lady" when I went down the stairs with that outfit on. "A cool english old lady?" "Don't forget the "old lady" part sweetie."

I was not completely awake.

Vintage skirt, Zara sweater, Mango shirt, you know the rest.

Hope winter -or is it fall?- is not too cold right now -if you don't like when it's cold outside-,

dimanche 1 novembre 2015


Going through some Vogue MagazineSeptember -or was it August?- Issue of my mom, I was amazed -chocked?- by the number of pages that adds had conquered. And mostly because I did not really like the "fashion photoshoot", I decided I would try to do something a little bit different than what I'm used to for the following reasons :

 1° I don't have time/energy to move my bed and so -handsome (what a pun!)- have the big white wall as a cool background picture,
2° I only had few ideas for the outfits, nothing for what's with it -like the "universe of the photographer-,
3° a friend is passing by in an hour so that we can go to a movie.

Also, I have to admit that -first, this post was written and programmed on the very last day of August, -second, I don't like the pictures, only the make up and hair, of which I was really proud.

I thought the title was funny and quite true, as far as I'm concerned. Adds are a result of our "Pictured Society" in which everything has to look bright, beautiful and flawless at the same time. They are everywhere and convey an idea of what's okay and what's not. They're pictures (thanks captain obvious) and filtered/retouched movies in which everything is perfect, from the tip to the top. It has even become something anybody could do, though social media, from Instagram to Facebook, without forgetting Twitter and Tinder. People, brands, couples -have you seen all those "Cute Couple" vids on Youtube?- artists, unis, everyone/thing/institution is promoting itself out there on the internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pictures, that were at the beginning of the century, a really scarce thing has become -thanks to numeric and smartphones- a thing anyone can do, anywhere, anytime. From some rare important moments's testimony, photographs have become souvenirs of every second.
Even that blog is some sort of an advertisement of myself.
Anyway, these were a lot of words for not much to say, now you know what November's theme is, "Add-iction", so if you have any other ideas or so, feel free to tell them.

Mix and Match from Miu Miu.


My legs look like some kind of rotten sausage you can find in the "end-of-the-week" trashcan.
Yep, it was really early in the morning (something like 10 a.m or so) and yes, I was so fucking tired.

Make up, hair and weird faces.

Like the "old" lady in the first scan.

Sweater Monorpix, Zara skirt, thrifted shoes, vintage bag. Maybelline NY liner.
Vintage skirt, Claudie Pierlot woolen jacket, H&M shoes, vintage bag. 

Hope you enjoyed Halloween,