Futur sucks

Futur sucks
What it used to be before our cellular lives

vendredi 2 octobre 2015

Three white t-shirts and a black phone.

I was trying to clean my room a bit and, all of a sudden, in some sort of a perfect harmony, three white t-shirts were heavenly laying on my bed. I thought "why not take pictures?" "because you have to clean your room Lélo" "yes but pictures could be so great" "yes but your parents are gonna be mad" "yes but they'll be mad anyway" "okay let's take pictures" and focused the camera on the only "seeable" corner of the room. So here's the result.

J'essayais de ranger ma chambre un minimum et tout à coup, dans une sorte de parfaite harmonie, trois t-shirts blancs étaient divinement posés sur mon lit. Je me suis dit "pourquoi ne pas prendre de photos?" "parce que tu dois ranger ta chambre Lélo" "oui mais les photos pourraient être sympas" "oui mais tes parents ne seront pas contents" "ils ne seront pas content quoi qu'il advienne" "c'est vrai, prenons des photos" et ai orienté l'appareil ver sale seul v-coin photo "potable" e la chambre. Donc voici le résultat.

Universal Studio, Zara and IloveParis t-shirts.
Chanel blush and Kiko lipstick.

Hope you noticed I had lipstick on my eyes -yes I'm pretending I don't care-,