Futur sucks

Futur sucks
What it used to be before our cellular lives

samedi 24 octobre 2015

Hot chocolate and wet garden.

It was raining, I wanted some hot chocolate but the microwave was not working, my skirt was wet and the chair by the window.

Monoprix skirt and cardigan, Zara lace blouse, Timberland boots.
Kiko lipstick.

Hope you're not too stressed about the Polar Ice Cap melting -otherwise, if you are, I don't know what to say-,

samedi 17 octobre 2015

Do you wanna see some weird faces on your screen?

Hey so as I once wrote on that blog, you can have some make up looks in colors, just to see the way it was on my face. As I probably wrote that one time too, my forehead was cured -thanks to something that acts like Photoshop- from acne in an informatics way. For the four first ones only.

Hey donc comme je l'ai une fois écrit sur ce blog, voici les photos des maquillages, en couleur, juste pour que vous puissiez voir e qu'il y a sur mon visage. Et comme sûrement écrit une fois sur ce blog aussi, mon front a été soigné - un grand merci à l'équivalent de Photoshop- de son acné grâce à des traitements informatiques. Pour les quatre premières photos seulement.

I had to cut these so that you don't see the battlefield on my forehead. but it ain't retouched.

Hope you're not mad at me for that,  -and did you notice how weird the lipsticks look?-

mercredi 14 octobre 2015

We ain't too old to remember.

Souvenirs of Vegas Baby. (It looks so cool when written, rock'n'roll when sang but pretentious when said... True story.)

My outfit matches the paper on the wall, I am so proud.

The earrings look like "O"s I'm making when surprised.

And now colors of the darkest city of sins.

Hope you're not ruined because of gamble,

mardi 13 octobre 2015

Yesterday on a yellow submarine.

I felt like Jackie O when putting the dress on, except that she must have had people telling her not to buy clothes that didn't fit, unlike me.
So the dress is too big but I'm planning on gaining a bit of weight one day so, who knows, maybe it will fit.

Thrifted everthing, Doc Martens MaryJanes.

Hope yesterday is not that far away -if i was a good day-,

vendredi 9 octobre 2015

Princes of the universe.

A bit of patriotism.
I have to admit, the reason I was dress this way was to gain some credibility in Philosophy class. it failed.

Short perfecto, thrifted shirt and sweater, Zara Ripped jeans, H&M Superman socks, underground creepers and Kiko lipstick.

Hope you enjoy red,

mercredi 7 octobre 2015

Typing machine, notebooks and quotes. (There are absolutely no quotes in this post but I needed some third word to end up the title, so that it was more... cool you know.)

So the last posts were composed of pictures -which is something you obviously noticed for the reason  it was obvious (this sentence is meaningless)- so here are the things that helped me prepare the pictures you've obviously seen.
I think it is better I stop typing  right now because my brain is gonna be willing to write really stupid things.
Not that it never happens.

Les derniers articles étaient composés de photo -ce que vous avez évidement remarqué puisque c'était évident (cette phrase n'a aucun sens)- donc voici les choses -brouillons- qui m'ont aidé à préparer les photos que vous avez évidemment vues.
Je pense qu'il est préférable que j'arrête d'écrire dès à présent, dans le sens où mon cerveau va vouloir écrire une série de conneries plus aberrantes les unes que les autres.
Non pas que ça n'arrive jamais.

*_*_*_*_*_*_*_* one of the reasons I'm staying up late (like... 2 am... What a thug, I know).

Hope you're eating potatoes - see? Stupid things-,