Futur sucks

Futur sucks
What it used to be before our cellular lives

mercredi 23 septembre 2015

Who wants to live forever?

It was cold outside, raining and grey and you could not really tell whether you were looking at the sky or at my shirt and socks -even if you have to be really good at looking to be able to look at a shirt and two socks without noticing the blue pair of jeans and black belt and so confuse them with the sky of the ending summer (yes, it was still summer when those pics were taken.)-.
My hair was greasy, my skin oily and my eyes tired but show must go on and I was feeling like some weird kinda Patti Smith with that woolen grey shirt and the "I-don't-give-a-fuck" look on my face. Even though it looks more of a "I'm-trying-too-hard" look.


Everything was introduced once, otherwise it's thrifted.

Hope you're not drowned in homework like I'm supposed to be,