Futur sucks

Futur sucks
What it used to be before our cellular lives

lundi 14 septembre 2015

So that you know, everything is not long gone. (This title has no meaning.)

As you probably noticed, most of these posts follow some order and are scheduled. So that you know what was spontaneously posted and what was programmed -like a computer which is funny because I'm typing on a computer-, the "hashtag" -also called "libellé" in French- "LongAgoButToday" will guide you.
If you see it under a post, starting today, then it means, the post was programmed. If not, then it's fresh -like strawberries in winter-.
It doesn't mean I'm going to let that blog die. It just means pictures can't be taken for multiple reasons -homework, dirty room, no camera, troubles and so on-. So for this platform not to be dead -once again, death is mentioned for an "unliving" thing (not even a thing, some coded phenomenon)- for seven months and alive only when I'm "school/work-free", posts are programmed to be posted every week or so. But if you really wanna know, the minute I have some time I go on blogger and check everything. Everyday.
And if something really interesting happens, then there'll be two posts in the same week! Exciting, huh?

This girl was so cool.

Hope you're not staying up too late -otherwise you'll be tired and it can be cool but sometimes, it's better not to be so-,