Futur sucks

Futur sucks
What it used to be before our cellular lives

lundi 28 septembre 2015

Self-on, cellphone...

Hey so I hope you liked this thing called a "collaboration" and that there will be plenty of others on that platform, here we go for the last one of our themes:

*Self-on, cellphone* 

All pictures mine -I mean my camera but what's its is mine, we are in an exclusive relationship (yes I know I told Homework I was not a big fan of it but wanna know th truth? I lied. Yep, like a gangsta when questioned under police custody)- except the "iPhone4S background" that you can find by... clicking on "iPhone4S background"

Hey donc j'espère que vous aimez cette chose appelée une "collaboration" et qu'il y en aura plein d'autre sur cette plateforme, donc nous voici pour le dernier de nos thèmes :

*Self-on, cellphone*
( Soi allumé, téléphone -ou sois allumé téléphone! Petit présent de l'impératif pour jouer avec les mots, même en français.)

Toutes les photos sont les miennes -je veux dire qu'elles ont été prises avec mon appareil mais ce qui lui appartient m'appartient aussi, nous sommes engagés dans une relation exclusive (oui je sais j'ai dit à Devoirs que je n'étais pas une grande fan de l'exclusivité mais vous voulez savoir la vérité? J'ai menti. Et oui, comme une gangster interrogée en garde à vue)- sauf le contour de l'iPhone 4S.


Still on.



On and pretending to be laughing.

Off with a sexy double chin.

What life used to be.

What it is. Somedays.
Zara t-shirt, H&M sweatshirt and bunny, "streetfound" glasses.
Zara jacket, thrifted shirt, vintage bow tie.
Armorlux customized t-shirt, Anthropologie jacket, Princesse Tam Tam headband.
Lipstick from Kiko.

Hope you're not obsessed with "property" like my brother currently is, "have things on your own", you know, self-owned things -BAM! Pun game completed!-,

samedi 26 septembre 2015

Elle a les yeux revolver.

Today was about being comfy and looking like some James Bond girl, not in the sens "I am James Bond's girl" but like I'm James Bond as a girl. Which, actually, is something quite different. It's not just playing on words. It is important.
Anyways here's the look.

Everything is thrifted or known,

Hope fall is not he beginning of yours (like "fall is not the beginning of your fall),

mercredi 23 septembre 2015

Who wants to live forever?

It was cold outside, raining and grey and you could not really tell whether you were looking at the sky or at my shirt and socks -even if you have to be really good at looking to be able to look at a shirt and two socks without noticing the blue pair of jeans and black belt and so confuse them with the sky of the ending summer (yes, it was still summer when those pics were taken.)-.
My hair was greasy, my skin oily and my eyes tired but show must go on and I was feeling like some weird kinda Patti Smith with that woolen grey shirt and the "I-don't-give-a-fuck" look on my face. Even though it looks more of a "I'm-trying-too-hard" look.


Everything was introduced once, otherwise it's thrifted.

Hope you're not drowned in homework like I'm supposed to be,

lundi 21 septembre 2015

Wanna hang out? Can't. Why? HOMEWORK.

So "Homework" is our weekly theme -is that beginning of a sentence correct?- and so here is the result. -The more I write, the more I realize I don't know how to get to the pictures and so the introduction is always something like "here are the pics", "here's the result" and blah blah blah... Poor you, always reading the same annoying things... Pfff. I'll try harder-.

Donc les Devoirs sont notre thème de la semaine -pas sûre que le début de cette phrase soit correct- et voici le résultat. -Plus j'écris, plus je réalise que je ne sais jamais comment en arriver aux photos donc l'introduction se résume la plupart du temps à quelque chose comme "voici les photos" ou "voilà le résultat" et blablabla... Pauvre vous, toujours lire les mêmes choses ennuyeuses... Pfff. Je vais essayer de faire mieux.-



Guess what? Typing...



Guess what? Nope. Not moving. Haha. It was a trap.


Showing you the outfit.

Ringing and waiting...




Dear Homework,
I heard you and I were going to spend a lot of time together this year.
I have to warn you I am not into exclusive romantic or professional relationships. Do not be mad at me if you find me having some good time with Computer or Bed, they are just friends.
Have a nice year,
Hope you managed reading the letter - really "machine-typed" -I'm so excited-,

P.S.: Don't forget to check Fiona's homework post *_*

lundi 14 septembre 2015

We'll probably be shining like stars the days people will find light bulbs in our scars.

The Great Gatsby was my reading assignment during summer break -yes, we had homework to do... Sad smiley face (don't you think "sad smiley face" is some sort of an oxymoron? How can a smiley face be sad? Anyway...)- and so these "looks" were somehow inspired but the glitter, magic and debauchery of the movie. (I read the book too just so that you know I'm not a bad student.)
And no, that ain't wine in my glass, just grenadine syrup with some water in it, otherwise it's too sweet. Yep, sometimes, sweetness is not to be liked...
And the theme was Stars, so that, once again, you know.
Anyway, Fiona's point of view is findable here and have a great look.

Gatsby le Magnifique était notre "lecture de l'été" -oui, nous avions des devoirs à faire... Smiley triste (d'ailleurs ne trouvez-vous pas que "smiley triste" est un oxymores? Comment une tête qui sourit pourrait-elle être triste? Enfin bon, l'apparence ne fait pas tout et souvent, ceux qui sourient le plus sont les plus tristes d'après certaines études très sérieuses et sérieusement menées sur Facebook) et donc certains de ces "looks" ont été, d'une certaine manière, inspirés par les paillettes, la magie et la débauche du film. ( J'ai aussi lu le livre, juste pour que vous sachiez que je ne suis pas une mauvais élève.)
Et non, ce n'est pas un verre de vin, seulement de sirop de grenadine avec un peu d'eau dedans, sinon c'est trop sucré. Oui, parfois, la douceur n'a pas sa place dans ce bas monde...
Et le thème était "Stars" ou "Étoiles" en Français peut-être, je ne sais pas trop comment il fallait le prendre pour être tout à fait honnête.

H&M child section christmas time dress, H&M sequin top (xmas time too I guess), vintage shoes, belt, jewels and coat.
Princesse Tam Tam bathrobe, vintage silk slip and suitcase.

Hope electricity is working at your place,