Futur sucks

Futur sucks
What it used to be before our cellular lives

dimanche 16 août 2015

My two-year old baby

Which is this blog of course.

I realize I did not even post something on the 16th of august last year. Stupid me. There is not mistake written on the bag I just forgot about the comma. Sorry, once again -I'm even sorry when it's my blorthday- , I've taken two minutes to take these pictures and for once I'm gonna described them a lill' bit, mostly because I can't sleep tonight, wide awake and so confused, okay I stop writing Demi Lovato's song, I just heard it on the radio and had it in my mind the entire day, poor me, but I'll listen, right after publishing this heap of words, the Wipers and then I'll be fine again.

Don't forget about the comma...

Before I was on it

After I saw a spider. A really big Spider. Spiderman never were my favorite anyway.

2 fucking years -yes I'm rude but I'm a gangsta you can tell thx to my shirt man

Minion shirt that shines into the night

3D glasses, bunny in summer and

weird faces. And a coat of course.

Wanted to try something out with my hair. Did  not work out. Sad smiley face. :(.
So the pants are from American Apparel, the T-shirt Universal Studio, the shoes Anthropologie -bought them at the end of last summer for.... 20$ plus the tax so 3456789$ fifty cents because californian taxes are so expensive, thrifted coat, 3D glasses and H&M bunny.

Hope you're enjoying your cup of tea -personally it makes me wanna pee so I try not to drink to much-,

P.S.: because I had this really annoying bug bite -remember last ending-post and the thing about bug bites on your face, yeah, it just happened and I am traumatized, but I know I'll live through this and never give up-, I retouched the pictures so that I look more of a human being. Sorry guys. I had to tell.