Futur sucks

Futur sucks
What it used to be before our cellular lives

lundi 31 août 2015

Back to school, black to cool.

As you probably guessed, we are some original girls living in Kentucky between the blue blue sky and the dry dry land.
Anyway, now that you've read something that has absolutely nothing to do with the following post, here're the pictures taken for the "Back to school" theme.
And yes, this dress is made out of french lessons.
(And yes it ended up in the trash because it would not stay on a fuck**g hanger.)

Comme vous l'avez sûrement remarqué, nous sommes des filles originales, vivant dans le Kentucky entre les ciel très bleu et la terre très sèche.
Enfin bref, maintenant que vous avez lu quelque chose qui n'absolument rien à voir avec le post suivant, voici les photos prises pour le thème "Back to School". (Rentrée, quoi.)
Et oui, cette robe est faite de cours de Français.
(Et oui, elle a terminé à la poubelle parce qu'elle ne tenait pas sur un putain de cintre. Pas d'astérie pour le français, on jure comme on respire.)

Creepy picture, huh? 

Dress from French class, thrifted jacket and belt, Claire's hat, Monoprix socks -the french equivalent of Target or Mark and Spencer- and shoes by André, few years ago.  
You'll find the make up in an other post in October if you wanna see its colors and my retouched skin for you not to see my acne.
Yeah I know, it ain't really honest but at least I'm telling you. And for this post, the only thing that's not original is the "black and white effect".

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Hope you're enjoying the mourning of your holidays if it was not over yet,

P.S.: Just kidding, I'm supporting you.