Futur sucks

Futur sucks
What it used to be before our cellular lives

lundi 13 juillet 2015

Let's feel fantastic, not pretty.

Sometimes, you just wake up and don't look into the mirror because you know what you'll see isn't what you want to. Sometimes it is easier not to like yourself. Sometimes it is easier to wear tons of makeup and feeling ugly because of it than feeling ugly with no makeup on. Because even though you don't like the reflexion you see, it is easier to find some sort of excuse for that ugliness. 
And sometimes, sometimes you just forget that what you see is just a reflexion. That the way you see yourself into that mirror, the way you look depends on the mirror, and on the light, and on the moment of the day and on so many factors you just don't take in consideration because it is easier to think you are ugly than to try to find the reasons that make you think that way. Sometimes you just forget beauty depends on so much. I'm not saying everyone is beautiful, every girl on this planet is a gorgeous creature because girls, women, beings with vaginas are not creatures. And because it doesn't matter. because I don't see why we should be ashamed of not being beautiful. Why we should have one and only goal in life that is called beauty. Because I don't get it why every time I read a "feminine" magazine talking about self-esteem, every time some "girl-for" Youtuber makes a video about loving yourself, they talk about how every girl is beautiful. But why would it matter? 
Why would I care about being beautiful? Why DO I care about being beautiful?

We have thousands of other interesting things to show, share, love, why would beauty be on top of our priorities?
The problem is not you, most of the time it comes from the outside, your parents/siblings/friends make yo understand you don't look the way you should, you are not at your best, something is definitely wrong.
What if that day you wanted to write, draw, learn, play video games, watch TV? Do everything but keeping your little virginal face clean and attractive?
Why would we HAVE TO loose/waste time everyday trying to chose what kind of wing we'll try to draw on our eyelids?
I'm not saying it is wrong. But if you don't wanna do it, but still do it because you're "afraid of", then it is WRONG.

The problem is we have as much time as anybody -understand guys- to live but still we have to take care of us before we really can live. 
I know I am worth more than just the look of my face. I know I am something else than the curves of my body. I know I ain't just a package. More than an objet.

So why, instead of teaching girls how to be pretty because they have to to exist in the Men's eyes and so the world, why don't we teach people to stop expecting girls, women, beings with vaginas to be pretty?

 I wanna be, not appear.