Futur sucks

Futur sucks
What it used to be before our cellular lives

vendredi 27 juin 2014

London. Part 2.

So. Part 2. 
My first day in London was full of experiences. I saw Buckingham Palace, the Parlement house, Trafalgar and a lot of other things you'll see.

So I did not really take a picture of my outfit but here's what you "need" to see : my "bow". I just looooooooove it. Really.

The Big Ben.

I forgot the name of this park. But there's something reaaly cool in the "English's habits": rellaxing in a park after the lunch.

Not really a beautiful picture of Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace.

the park. Again. I really can't remember its name.

A street near the Chinese district.
The subway.

A monument.

A group of british students. After school I guess.

A demonstration. Against I don't know what.


I wish I could turn it but I can't. Sorry.


The view on a rooftop.

An old store.
This kind of bikes were everywhere in London.

A dance contest between a tourist and Mr. England.

A shop.

The street.

A London girl.

The street. Again.

An amazing place.

I just love the chinese girl's look. And her hair.

Bubble tea after the lunch.
Covent Garden.
A vintage store. Wonderful pin-up dresses.

On voit ma petite tête qui fait la gueule. At Urban Outfiters. The dress did not fit well.

But I loved this part so I just took a picture.

Other clothes on.

Pas super fan de l'imprimé.

Ni de celui du short d'ailleurs.

With my pants.

My "all-day" outfit. I just took the shirt off, it was too hot.

What I bought. Hearings and glasses. Well, sunglasses.

The store.

the funny and original shopping bag.

Ice-creams in a truck.

The store. Again. But an other view.
In some vintage store. Rockit.

I didn't takethe jeans and the skirt/shorts. But I took the blouse.

The show case.

The other show case.

Vintage and expensive dresses. But sooooo beautiful. *british accent*

The show case.

Bus is coming. While winter is leaving. *game of thrones*

The little journey.

The street.

Oxford Circus.

London. I didn't know what to put in the legend.

Fittings in TopShop. I took yhe skirt and the pullover.


Strange too. To strange.


But no.

The picture speaks for itself.

The electric stairs.

The City. Or CBD. It's up to you to decide.

As you can see, Bank Station.

The new building in London.

The Thames.

The Tower Bridge.

The Thames again.

This Tower again.

A cathedrale.

Look what's under the bridge.


The view from the Tate.

The Tate Museum.

Out of it.

In it.

People walking.
The sunset.

Just before the sunset. There is no real order in the pictures as you can notice.

The view. Sorru for the nose, my aunt was speaking I think.

A little theater.

Love this wall. The wall.


The wall again. Against the wall.

Under the bridge.

The Blue Blue Sky.

Un soir de coupe du monde. Un match de l'Allemagne. Un pub allemand.
So let's meet tomorrow for London. Part 3., have a good weekend,